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PIONNIÈRE XMF Supreme Youth Treatment


The ultimate biotechnological performance combined with an exceptionel youth massage for smoother, firmer skin that glows with new radiance.

An original facial massage that's part of an exclusive treatment delivers instant results in preparation for a supreme mask with all the benefits of marine biotechnology. Skin is smoother, firmer, and glows with renewed radiance. 

100% of women liked this treatment and would like to receive it again*.

* Satisfaction test on 24 volunteers having received 1 treatment.

<div class="results">COMPLETE SATISFACTION* 100% of women liked this treatment and would like to receive it again. IMMEDIATE YOUTH RESULTS** Reduced wrinkles -20% Plumped skin +32% Smoothed skin +77% Firmer skin +37% Radiance boost +74% *Satisfaction test on 23 volunteers having received 1 treatment.
**Clinical scoring under dermatological control on 24 volunteers, immediate scoring after 1 single treatment.</div>

<div class="ingredients">The Pioneer Treatment promotes an intense letting go, including a specific massage which is original, particularly enveloping and brings a deep relaxation. This treatment concerns all those who are looking for the combination of high performance and well-being for visible youth effectiveness after the 1st treatment.</div>

 <div class="directions">75 minutes Marine immersion Make-up removal and resurfacing multi-exfoliant face and lips Skin cleansing and detoxification Pro-youth massage Face and lips mask Final moisturizer face and eye contour</div>

<div class="composition">
RESURFACING MULTI-EXFOLIANT A powerful mix of exfoliating active ingredients to resurface the face, erase the roughness, and visibly smooth the skin.
SUPREME MASSAGE NECTAR Plumps and nourishes the skin, smooths wrinkles, and provides hydration, comfort, and radiance.
YOUTH MASK FOR LIPS A true ultra-targeted youth infusion in a rich and unctuous balm that nourishes, plumps up the lips, and keeps their natural beauty giving them a 2nd youth.
SUPREME YOUTH LOTION A crystalline lotion highly concentrated in marine sugars to smooth and boost radiance on the skin.
SUPREME YOUTH PLASTICIZING MASK Nourishes, firms, and restores radiance to the skin.</div>

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