Face Products


Phytomer’s anti-wrinkle skincare preserves the skin’s youthfulness by correcting wrinkles, lifting sagging skin, and restoring youthfulness and radiance to the complexion.


Phytomer’s anti-pollution skincare is formulated to protect and repair skin exposed to the stresses of urban living.

Best Selling Face Care

At the cutting edge of marine biotechnology, Phytomer’s facial products are both effective and enjoyable to use, restoring the skin to its natural health and beauty.

Cleanse - Tone

Effectively remove makeup and impurities with a texture formulated for your skin type.

Dark Spots and Radiance

The number one cause of dark spots on the skin is the sun and aging. Phytomer’s spot correction skincare effectively fights pigmentation to even your complexion and boosts the skin’s natural radiance.

Exfoliants - Scrubs

Phytomer’s exfoliants and scrubs are formulated according to the sensitivity of your skin. Deeply cleansing the skin to remove dead cells and help your daily creams to be more effective.

Eye Care

The area around the eyes is fragile and more vulnerable to signs of fatigue and aging than the rest of the face. Phytomer’s Eye Contour skincare focuses on enhancing the skin's youthful appearance, all the while brightening its complexion.

For Men

Phytomer’s men's skincare regime is formulated to meet the specific needs of men with quick, simple, effective steps that ensure visible results.


With their naturally hydrating marine active ingredients, Phytomer’s moisturizing skin care restores and supports the skin’s natural hydration process to prevent dehydration and dry skin.

New Products & Promotions

Discover our newest face care products as well as current promotions to help enhance the skin’s natural beauty.

Oxygenate - Purify

Phytomer’s purifying line effectively fights impurities such as redness, blackheads, pimples, and enlarged pores, often associated with a combination to oily-prone skin types. Producing a lasting mattifying effect to help attain a flawless complexion. 

Phytomer Organic

Using the purest, most effective certified organic ingredients, PHYTOMER scientists have created 7 luxurious CYFOLIA BIO skincare products which are all Ecocert certified.


Phytomer’s Soothing skin care supports the defenses of sensitive skin and effectively diminishes the feeling of burning and tightness. Their natural active ingredients work in harmony with the skin for less visible redness and excellent tolerance.

Starter Kits

Phytomer's skin-specific starter kits are perfect for revitalizing your skin. Choose from a selection of luxurious starter kits to address your complexion needs. Each Kit may contain up to five essential travel-size products per skin type all in an elegant cosmetic bag.

Sun Care

Because they are constantly exposed to the sun, most marine plants have developed natural defense mechanisms that protect their cells from UV damage. Drawing on this inspiration, Phytomer has created a range of sun care products to preserve the skin’s sun resistance and expose it without fear.

Travel Size

On the go without your favorite Phytomer products? No need to worry! Phytomer offers a selection of its most popular products in a travel-size format to ensure the beauty and well-being of your skin no matter where you go.


The PHYTOMER expertise spreads out to spas and salons, in the hands of the very best professionals.Discover our treatments that visibly improve the beauty of your skin.