Body Products

Best-Selling Body Care

In spas all over the world, the top professionals use Phytomer body products for their proven effectiveness and intense sensory experience. Indulge in the exceptional remineralizing benefits of the most iconic Phytomer body products.

Contouring and Cellulite

Phytomer guarantees spectacular results with innovative slimming products that effectively fight cellulite, dimples, stretch marks, and bulges. Scientifically proven results.

Essential Body Care

An expert in body care for over 50 years, Phytomer has distinguished itself with natural, high-performance products that reveal the body’s natural beauty, day after day.

Essential Hair Care

Phytomer cares for your hair too! Our range of hair care products concentrates on the benefits of marine plants for supple, light, and shiny hair.

New Products & Promotions

Discover our newest body care products as well as current promotions to help enhance the skin’s natural beauty.

Sun Care Body

Phytomer develops reliable body sun-care products for worry-free tanning that effectively protect the skin from UV rays.

Travel Size

On the go without your favorite Phytomer products? No need to worry! Phytomer offers a selection of its most popular products in a travel-size format to ensure the beauty and well-being of your skin no matter where you go.

Wellness: Oligomer®

The seawater concentrate OLIGOMER® is a worldwide exclusive ingredient for which Phytomer has held the production secret for 50+ years. This incredible natural ingredient delivers the remineralizing properties of seawater to the skin, to fortify and revitalize it with energy.